About Us

About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn  what we are all about

Our story

Hi,  We are Sherrie and Chris, a retired couple from South Australia who like travelling independently when and where we want, not tied to a group itinerary or large group tour.

Because we are on a very limited income, we save hard and carefully choose when and where to travel on a budget, but reasonably comfortably (we’re not into backpacker dormitories, camping or couch surfing etc.).

We have been encouraged to share our travels along with hints and tips on how, when and where we choose to go, where we choose to stay, how to travel safely and avoiding scams.

Primarily our focus is on making documentaries on YouTube, so follow the link to our channel, view, hopefully enjoy and subscribe for free to keep more videos coming.


Our earlier videos were done before we had been suggested to YouTube, so.we apologise in advance for them. From Kunming 2018 on they are filmed with YouTube in mind.


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