Australia – Town & Country

Here are videos of other town and country areas we have been in Australia separate to the Round Australia Road Trip. Please enjoy.

Kangaroo & Joey in pouch feeding.

Aussie Garden – Come on a quick tour  Come on a quick tour of the Australian Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Cranbourne, Victoria.  

The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria at Cranbourne Gardens, is a division of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Cranbourne Gardens specialises in Australian native plants.  The gardens also provide habitat for native birds, mammals and reptiles, including some rare and endangered species. 

A recent feature of the Cranbourne, is the specially constructed Australian Garden, opened to the public on 28 May 2006. The Australian Garden features a number of exhibition gardens, sculptures and displays aimed to bring the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape and plants to the public. Beyond the Australian Garden, the bushland section of the garden contains 10 km of walking tracks, and includes the Trig Point Lookout tower, secluded picnic sites and free barbecues

Australian Red Sand Garden at The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria at Cranbourne

Cute Kangaroos – a quick video.  A quick look at a beautiful sight of a wild mother kangaroo feeding along with her joey still in her pouch in the Grampians National Park in Victoria Australia. Plus a couple of bonus wildlife pics.


Sherrie also enjoys producing some amazing digital photographic images that she uses both as artworks and as designs for a large variety of products.

This has earned her quite a large following, and are well worth a look.

Artistree by Sherrie Hall