Hi, we are Sherrie and Chris.

About Sherrie and Chris

This site is currently under reconstruction – in the meantime please do check out our YouTube channel here.

So you want to know about Sherrie and Chris. We are retirees from Australia who enjoy budget independent travel within Australia and overseas. Moreover we like to travel as much and as cheaply as we can. Then we share our experiences along with hints and tips via YouTube videos.

Discover the places we pick to go where we can get good priced flights, budget but comfortable accommodation and cheap cost of living – especially food.

Our travel philosophy

Our aim is to try and stay for a few weeks in one place getting to know the local area and culture.  Whilst there we will share with you the cost of things, the best local places and sites to visit,  how we get there and how much it costs, and any money saving tips we discover. You will learn whether language is a problem and how to overcome it, scams you may encounter and how to avoid them. Hopefully you will enjoy our videos and find them useful in planning your trips.


Our travel experience covers quite a few countries, and continues to grow as long as we can still move. Whilst modern digital video and YouTube did not exist in our early days, in later travels we have been able to record our travels. This lets us share them on YouTube on our channel SherrieandChris

Early travels

Life was fortunate enough to let us travel to Europe and spend time in England, France, Switzerland and Italy. Also we travelled a lot in Australia.


Recently we have had several trips which are documented on this site.

Twice we have been to China. Firstly to tour some main cities – Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu and Shanghai including a Yangtze River cruise. This was not our usual type of holiday – but very interesting. The enabled us to tick off a few bucket list items – Giant Pandas, Yangtze River 3 Gorges and the Terracotta Warriors. See China Trip.

Secondly we spent a month in Kunming, really being locals, living in an apartment and seeing the local sights. China – Kunming.

Another place we had never been was India, and so we rented an apartment in Delhi for a month to live somewhat like locals. In addition we added side trips to Agra for the Taj Mahal, and Jaipur. Holiday in Delhi.

Perhaps our greatest adventure, was three months spent driving round the edge of Australia. This meant we saw some exceptional places and things that few people, even Australians, get to see. Luckily we avoided major vehicle problems, snakebite etc etc., and had a wonderful time. Round Australia Road Trip.

Hopefully you will enjoy the stories on here.


Sherrie also enjoys producing some amazing digital photographic images that she uses both as artworks and as designs for a large variety of products.

This has earned her quite a large following, and are well worth a look.

Artistree by Sherrie Hall

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