Sherrie Hall Art

Shop Sherrie’s art designs and products through Fine Art America. You can buy Sherrie Hall’s amazing beautiful art on a variety of products from wall art to home wares and more. And all these are delivered direct to your door.

Sherrie Hall is a prize winning digital photographic artist who was born in South Australia and is now living in Peterborough. Peterborough is in the rural mid north of South Australia near the renowned Flinders Ranges.

Sherrie says:

My inspiration to make digital photographic art patterns came when I wandered around the Duggan reserve. This reserve is on Tank Hill at the northern end of Government Road in Peterborough, South Australia.

Initially I was attracted to the starkness of old logs lying around and their gaunt structure and shapes.  But then I also fell in love with the kangaroos that go about their business while this strange creature rambles through their landscape.  As a result I started taking photos of roos, rocks and roots with my cheap camera and I really enjoyed the peace and quiet while doing so. Also there are often little surprises of bird life and song.  And as the seasons pass different flowers appear. 

At home I played around with the photos and came up with the idea of reflections. I realized that I could make digital art patterns in all sorts of colours using my computer. This process, for instance, forms often fantasy or mythological looking images. So I started Sherrie Hall Art using a multitude of different formats. These I produce on a range from wall art to designer products. You can buy these here.